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This is where I started in sheep. My family have had other breeds of sheep for 80 years. My Grandfather, a former president of  the Canadian Sheep Breeders Association, rode the railcar  to show his sheep in Chicago in 1959. I was 5 years old at the time.   He gave me his winner to start me with sheep. His passion stuck with me.  When I was 24,  I published a national sheep magazine “Sheep Focus and Facts”.  In 1981, I  managed the second All Canada Classic in Brandon,  Manitoba. In the same year, I had the Champion ram at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario. Ownership in TransCanada Select Sires and Udder Comfort and Bev teaching kept us busy over the next 30 years.  It was in 2010 at the New York state show that things were about to change when  Bev said how much she liked the look and temperament of the Tunis, an attractive rare breed.  These sheep were the stars of the state show.  We got the idea to own some. We found out that importation was difficult after calling more than 20 US Tunis producers. We decided to take a flight to the National Tunis show in  Louisville in 2010. There we connected with the Schambows and their award winning flock -Cass Hollow Tunis.  Their flock was certified scrapie free. Working with them we imported 10  ewes including the Midwest Champion ewe in 2011.  The bonus was they have the top recognized award winning  flock in the USA.  In 2012 we imported 10 more ewes because we really liked our first set of yearling ewes. They all had twins or even triplets. They were great first time mothers.  Their lambs grew very well with many growing 1 lb average daily gain.  For five years we have exhibited our Tunis sheep at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.  Our Breeding program can now say we have 2 winning Breeders Flocks, 2 Grand and 2 Reserve Grand Champion ewes,  and 13 first prize winners in the past 3 years at the Royal Winter Fair. Best of all was the interest from breeders across Canada with sales of rams going to 7 provinces since our start. Sixteen rams have gone to Western Canada and 30 rams have been purchased in Eastern Canada.  We are excited to see the impact our Tunis will create for their new owners! Mark and Bev Comfort