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Why Tunis?

Not everything in the sheep industry is

black and white!

Comfort Tunis

Tunis Facts

original imports from Northern Africa in 1799 one of oldest livestock breeds developed in America breed nearly exterminated during Civil War world-wide population under 10,000 on the critical list for Rare Breeds Canada maternal breed medium sheep rams are175-225 lbs ewes are 125-175 lbs rams measure 28-30 inches at withers ewes measure 24 to 28 inches at withers breeds year round lambs born with double coat red head and legs, cream coloured wool wool spinning count of 54s to 58s fat-tailed calm disposition long lived producing into their teens    National Tunis Sheep Registry
The following are our reasons for choosing Tunis sheep and why we think that they would be a positive addition to many flocks.  The results we show are our experience with Tunis at our farm.  Appearance: What strikes you first about Tunis sheep is their physical appeal. They have small, feminine heads, and fine, but strong bone making for easy deliveries.  The red and cream colouring is very attractive.  However these sheep are much more than a pretty face.   Performance      Lambs grow  quickly - most 60 lbs in 60 days with most ram lambs near 100 lbs in 100 days Excellent muscling  - nice size especially attractive loin eye thickness,wide rump with fullness of loin High twinning rate- In 2012 our entire yearling ewe flock had twins with one ewe impressively having triplets Perform well in an accelerated lambing program Temperament Excellent Mothers - our first time lambing yearling ewes had excellent instincts to lamb and nurse Strong maternal bonding Very docile - We find them to be quieter than many of  the other breeds Efficient Easy fleshing - with its desert heritage this breed does well in  both hot and cold climates Produce marketable lambs at the same weight in similar time frames on less feed than larger breeds Great foragers - clean weeds even golden rod Maintain body condition - even when nursing twins or triplets Easy keepers - diets required to keep other breeds in condition will make Tunis fat. Taste (the forgotten attribute) Fine grained meat of exceptional flavour - Bev has received many compliments Winning between breed taste comparisons On the Ark of Taste - Slow Food USA
Why Comfort Tunis?                          Our breeding  goal is to keep improving the good qualities of this heritage breed: excellent growth rates,attractive muscling, high twinning with easy fleshing and a quiet temperment.   We breed for correct conformation, depth of loin and leg and growth. We still want the appealing show type that is the flag bearer for the breed.  Comfort Tunis has one of the largest number of  new registrations in the breed per year. Our flock is on an accelerated breeding program, lambing twice a year in our bright, new facility. Our flock is on the Scrapie certification program and all purebred animals are genotyped for scrapie resistance.  We have a selection of fall and spring rams available as well as the popular starter flock of 2 ewes and an unrelated rams.  We do ship across Canada.